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The national high-tech enterprise Ningbo Youwei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Xieguang Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1985. The company is committed to the development and product...

Youwei Optoelectronics has the core filament, electronic powder processing technology, and electronic powder decomposition technology. The filament electronic powder is the "lamp heart" and has strong resistance to bombardment. It has up to ten thousand switching times to ensure a long lamp life.
  • The particle size is normally distributed and the adhesion is strong;
  • High Ba content, high emission density, and high temperature resistance;
  • Ca content is appropriately increased, and resistance to bombardment is strong;
  • Add rare earth oxide to prolong service life.
The UV lamp produced by Youwei is made of high-quality quartz glass. The hydroxyl content of quartz glass is <10PPM, the main impurity content is < 30PPM, and the UV transmittance is > 93%. Through the high transmittance quartz glass tube, the illuminance of the lamp is improved to delay the aging of the lamp tube.
  • Hydroxyl content requirement is less than 5ppm
  • Glass tube ultraviolet transmittance is greater than 93%
  • Quartz glass has uniform thickness and good consistency
1. The internal coating technology ensures that the maximum illuminance attenuation of the ultraviolet lamp does not exceed 15% during the lifetime.
  • Smeared and dense
  • After 600 ℃ high temperature baking, it still keeps continuous and dense
  • Three layers of protection
2. The anti-fouling patented technology of the outer coating of the lamp tube or the quartz tube ensures that the surface of the lamp tube is not affected by external environmental pollution.
Homemade special mercury fixation to improve light efficiency
  • 93% greater UV light output over a temperature range of 50
  • Ensure that the UV output of the lamp in any direction is greater than 93%
Unique patented technology for rapid leak detection
Unique anti-vibration wick patent technology can cope with complex mobile environment
The most advanced automatic processing equipment in China ensures the consistency and reliability of the lamp
Youwei Optoelectronics uses automated equipment to implement large-scale production and complete supporting facilities to minimize production costs.At the same time, the technical department can design and provide special customized products according to your requirements to assist you in completing a series of work such as new product design testing. Customers provide the most cost-effective products.

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